The missing piece


"Jihad is ordained for you [Muslims] though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know" [Al-Baqarah: 216]

For those who didn't fit
And those who did.

It was missing a piece. And it was not happy.

So it set off in search of its missing piece.

And as it rolled, it sang this song

"Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece"

Sometimes it baked in the sun

but then the cool rain would come down.

And somethimes it was frozen by the snow
but then the sun would come and warm it again.

And because it was missing a piece
it could not roll very fast
so it would stop to talk to a worm

or smell a flower
and sometimes it would pass a beetle

and sometimes the beetle would pass it

and this was the best time of all.

And on it went, over oceans

"Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Over land and over seas
So grease my knees and fleece my bees.
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece."

through swamps and jungles
up mountains

and down mountains

Until one day, lo and behold!

"I've found my missin' piece
I've found my missin' piece
So grease my knees and fleece my bees
I've found my..."

"Wait a minute" said the piece.
"Before you go greasing your knees
and fleecing your bees..."

"I am not your missing piece.
I am nobody's piece.
I am my own piece.
And even if I was somebody's missing piece
I don't think I'd be yours!"

it said sadly
"I'm sorry to have bothered you"
And on it rolled.

It found another piece

but this one was too small.

And this one was too big.

This one was a little too sharp.

And this one was too square.

One time it seemed to have found
the perfect piece

but it didn't hold it tightly enough
and lost it.

Another time
it held too tightly

and it broke.

So on and on it rolled,

having adventures, meet dangerous..

falling into holes

and bumping into stone walls.

And then one day it came upon
another piece that seemed to be just right.

"Hi" it said.
"Hi" said the piece.
"Are you anybody else's missing piece?"
"Not that I know of"
"Well, Maybe you want to be your own piece?"
"I can be someone's and still be my own."
"Well, Maybe you don't want to be mine."
"Maybe I do."
"Maybe we won't fit.."

It fit!
It fit perfectly!
At last! At last!

And away it rolled
and because it was
now complete,
it rolled faster and faster,
Faster than it had ever rolled before!

So fast that it could not stop
to talk to a worm or smell a flower

too fast for a butterfly to land.

But it could sing its happy song,
at last it could sing
"I've found my missing piece"

And it began to sing
"I've frown my nizzin'geez
Uf vround my mitzin'brees
So krease ny meas
An bleez ny dregs
Uf frown..."

Oh my, now that it was complete
it could not sing at all

"Aha" it thought.
"So that's how it is!"

So it stopped rolling....

and it set the piece down gently,

and slowly rolled away

and as it rolled it softly sang

"Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho,here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece."

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