leave your comfort zone!


[sharing from my beloved sister, kak s :)]

Leave your comfort zone

When you feel overwhelmed, just remember that for eagles, too, it's the price of flying! -Bettie B. Youngs

The mother eagle makes her nest high on a cliff's edge. So high, in fact, that the baby eagle is literally so terrified of its "free fall" that it will not leave the nest unless pushed out by its mother!

Imagine the confusion of the baby eagle when his mother, who up to this point has been nurturing and attentive, suddenly seems to turn on him, pushing him from the nest and forcing him to fly!

But, of course, in the end, pushed from the confines of a nest now outgrown, the baby eagle takes flight and learns that everything's going to be okay.

Because, you see, in the free fall, the young eagle learns to trust its wings!

It's an important lesson:

When your challenges seem overwhelming, when you feel frightened or confused, when you're being called to leave behind something familiar but outgrown, remember the baby eagle.

You, too, can soar - but first you'll have to leave the safety of your comfort zone!

Momentary "overwhelm" is to be expected, so don't let it stop you from reaching new heights in your life!

I will not fear the price of learning to "fly"! I will take one positive action that is outside my comfort zone.

O Allah, please guide us.
yok, leave our comfort zone.
p/s: it's weird how the so-called "love" towards the other gender can actually motivate a person in
being successful in their studies.
ermm so, as muslims, the LOVE to Allah should motivate us more, not just being bright students
also successful in our daily life, in anything we do. y? because Allah's LOVE is moreeeeee powerful than the so-called "love" :)


a fighter


No doubt. Allah is the best of all inspirations :)
True, isn't it?
How HE has given strength to all our brothers and sisters to keep running and running until the end.
and one of the fighter is akhi mas afzal.

last saturday was the first time i ever heard his name. ruhul acknowledge me about a brother, graduated from sheffield, a fighter who just passed away [17.12.10] due to CANCER.
and yesterday, as i was in my down n upsetting mood, i came across a post about him - run akhi, run!

his blog has been inspirational for others with his strong faith in Allah in fighting the disease.
he manage to accomplished his MBBS meanwhile undergoing treatment.
and never never stop on 'giving' to others.
he never let the disease took hold of him. Allahuakbar!

these are some words i took from his blog

"I can only find contentment in my trial and tribulation by putting any negatives aside, and start thanking Allah for the blessings He has showered me with."

"Never abandon asking from Allah. If it is not Him, then NO ONE else can help us in this world, and in the Hereafter."

"Allah certainly has unique ways to show HIS Love"


"I wish i could tell each and everyone of them, that
If i am not letting this terminal cancer of mine stopping me from 'giving' to humanity, then what more for them, all fit and well. Let us all RISE to glory!"

which made me think very deeply.
how will i finish my race??

takziah to family & sahabat-sahabat akhi.

indeed, he didn't lose the race, but he finished it strongly.


"And remember also that your Lord forewarned, 'If you be grateful I will increase My favors on you, and if you be ungrateful (you should know that) My chastisement is severe indeed'!" [Ibrahim:7]





tatkala aku menulis entri kali ini, aku tidak mampu menahan lagi.
dunia betul2 menghimpit.
dan pada siapa lagi perlu aku kongsikan masalah aku.
Allah! Dia yang paling memahami keadaan aku.

sungguh, aku rindukan syurga sepertimana ruhul rindu untuk berjumpa mus'ab bin umair.
rindu akan Baginda.
sahabat-sahabatnya, Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Hamzah...
hebatnya diri mereka.
dan syurga itu menantikan mereka..
mereka diuji dengan hebat sekali.
dan selayaknya, balasan yang mereka dapat juga mesti hebat.
Allah kan adil :)

tetapi Allah menjanjikan syurga itu untuk hamba-hambaNya yang benar-benar berusaha untuk mendapatkannya.
dan setiap usaha itu pasti dikira. setiap langkah yang diambil itu dikira.
jika aku membandingkan diriku dengan mereka yang berjihad menjual diri, keluarga dan harta mereka untuk Allah, jauh sekali syurga itu untukku.
ujian yang aku terima ini hanya sedikit dibandingkan dengan ujian mereka.


wajarkah aku untuk merungut dan berlemah diri?


kerana syurga itu mahal harganya

doakan aku kuat.
bukan sekuat superman
tetapi kuat macam faris audah :)