a fighter


No doubt. Allah is the best of all inspirations :)
True, isn't it?
How HE has given strength to all our brothers and sisters to keep running and running until the end.
and one of the fighter is akhi mas afzal.

last saturday was the first time i ever heard his name. ruhul acknowledge me about a brother, graduated from sheffield, a fighter who just passed away [17.12.10] due to CANCER.
and yesterday, as i was in my down n upsetting mood, i came across a post about him - run akhi, run!

his blog has been inspirational for others with his strong faith in Allah in fighting the disease.
he manage to accomplished his MBBS meanwhile undergoing treatment.
and never never stop on 'giving' to others.
he never let the disease took hold of him. Allahuakbar!

these are some words i took from his blog

"I can only find contentment in my trial and tribulation by putting any negatives aside, and start thanking Allah for the blessings He has showered me with."

"Never abandon asking from Allah. If it is not Him, then NO ONE else can help us in this world, and in the Hereafter."

"Allah certainly has unique ways to show HIS Love"


"I wish i could tell each and everyone of them, that
If i am not letting this terminal cancer of mine stopping me from 'giving' to humanity, then what more for them, all fit and well. Let us all RISE to glory!"

which made me think very deeply.
how will i finish my race??

takziah to family & sahabat-sahabat akhi.

indeed, he didn't lose the race, but he finished it strongly.


"And remember also that your Lord forewarned, 'If you be grateful I will increase My favors on you, and if you be ungrateful (you should know that) My chastisement is severe indeed'!" [Ibrahim:7]

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