credits to dina


SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar..

everytime i watch this video, it somehow makes me sad inside. how hard Ruben tried to find the truth..and Alhamdulillah Allah lead him to it..and how he appreciate what he got
but me, i was born as a muslim..but have i've done enough?
credits to dina for this wonderful video..[it just make me cry]
jazakillah ukhti!

sometimes..it just doesn't feels rite..
we see, we know..
because everything is there in front of us..
but we tend to 'close' our eyes and hearts and look away..

sometimes.. we keep it shut for too long until HE let it 'close' forever..
and our hearts starts to feel different..
it gets painted black..dark..ruined
and it becomes blacker each day..
until no more white..no more light..

we were told..but still we remained stubborn
we felt this was enough..
we felt that what we did is gotta get us through..
but we forgot..the journey is not as easy as it is..

and we tend to be happy with what we have..
money, beauty, love, brains..
but we forgot..this is not everlasting..
because this is HIS and none are ours..

and that place..will be everlasting..

O Allah!

"..Verily, it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in the breast that grow blind" [Al-Hajj (22) : 46]


islahnafsi said...

salam k.mai...like this piece of song really much...iAllah zuqq terus ke hati...ape yg Ruben rase tuh dah lame Allah kasik kt kite...dah lame kite dpt Al-Quran..tp subhanallah..kite yg 'pecut' baca Quran w/o fhm ape pon....huhu...iAllah,same2...=)

urs & only... said...

jzkk dina!

[observe n think deep]